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Culemborg (NL) - Gallarate (IT)
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Culemborg - Gallarate, general map Culemborg - Trier - Basel - Gallarate;
general characteristics.

Distance: 1276 km.
Climbing: 8335 hm, notably in Eifel, northern Alsace, Swiss Jura (Baselbiet), Central Switzerland (Gotthard pass), Monte Ceneri and finally the hills around Varese (Italy).

The chosen route offers a quite direct connection
, mostly on local roads and cycle paths, between the Netherlands and Lombardia (Italy). Gallarate is situated 40 km northwest of Milano.
Parts of he following signposted cycle routes are incorporated (see GPS page for details):
  Veloland Schweiz Nord-Süd route.
BikeRouteToaster has been used to construct the connecting parts, being about one-third of the route. 

The following pages describe the 16 stages in more detail:
01-06: Culemborg - Trier - Völklingen (Saarland), 551 km.
07-12: Völklingen - Strasbourg - Luzern, 448 km.
13-16: Luzern - Gotthard - Bellinzona - Gallarate, 277 km.

GPS tracks, and profiles for each of the 16 stages are
available free of charge. See download page for details.

A selection of images gives an impressions of the tour.

Oof Oud and Henro de Witt (see photo below) have been cycling to Gallarate from 27 July to 13 August 2011.

Oouf Oud , Henro de Witt and bikes


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Culemborg - Völklingen
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Völklingen - Luzern
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Luzern - Gallarate
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