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Völkingen - Strasbourg - Luzern
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Volklingen - Luzern map Day 7. Völklingen - Drulingen (Alsace): 81 km, 414 hm.
The route continues along the river Saar to Sarreguemines (France). After Sarreguemines the river is no longer navigable. For transport of coal from the Lorraine basin the Canal des Houllières de la Sarre* has been constructed in 1862-66. The well maintained towing-path along the
canal has been taken to Harskirchen (4 km before Sarre-Union). Here ends flat country. The last 20 km is seriously hilly. Accommodation seems scarce in this part of the Alsace, but Drulingen has a modest hotel.

Day 8. Drulingen - Kehl: 89 km, 263 hm.
The first half of the stage passes through the hills of the northern Alsace. The section Drulingen - Graufthal - Drossenheim-sur-Zinzel is absolutely choice. Approximately 10 km after Wasselonne another towing-path - this time along the Canal de la Bruche* - brings you to Strasbourg. A bike- friendly route through Strasbourg leads to the Passerelle des Deux Rives, a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists that connects Strasbourg with Kehl at the German side of Rhine.

Day 9. Kehl - Vogtsburg-Achkarren: 88 km, 298 hm.
A day of easy biking, mostly on an unpaved dike road along the river Rhine. Between Strasbourg/Kehl and Basel ships take the Grand Canal d'Alsace. That makes cycling along this part of the Rhine rather boring. A few times the track makes a short detour through the floodplains*. They are by far the most scenic parts. The route leaves the Rhine at Sasbach. The last 14 km passes through the mountainous Kaiserstuhl region, famous for its vineyards*. Very different landscape; absolutely worth a visit. Achkarren is a part of the town of Vogtsburg in southern part of Kaiserstuhl. It has an excellent B&B (Haus am Weinberg).

Day 10. Vogtsburg-Achkarren - Weil am Rhein: 70 km, 158 hm.
The man in a bike shop in Breisach* suggested to take a French alternative route to Weil am Rhein, to avoid another day of riding on an unpaved Rhine dike. A good advise. The French side is quiet and friendly, although without notable highlights. Weil am Rhein was chosen to stay the night instead of the more exciting, but also more expensive Basel.

Day 11. Weil am Rhein - Oberentfelden (AG): 69 km, 879 hm.
Basel - Liestal - Geltenkirchen* (cantons Basel Stadt and Baselbiet) are relatively densely populated. After that crossing the Jura foothills towards Aarau is a blessing. Some steep climbs, small villages and beautiful views. Finding reasonable priced accommodation in Aarau was difficult. Finally we decided to stop in Oberentfelden, a dull location with a just affordable hotel.

Day 12. Oberentfelden (AG) - Luzern: 51 km, 282 hm.
The first 36 km are going very gradually uphill. After the Sempachersee follows a short climb and a longer descent to Luzern. The capital of the canton with the same name is a very busy city, full of tourists that admire the old center*, the wooden bridges over the river Reuss and the nice views of the Vierwaldstättersee. During a day off we visited the Verkehrshaus* (Swiss museum of transport), which houses, among others, a great collection of Swiss locs. A must for train lovers.

* see image on the photo page.


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