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Culemborg - Trier - Völklingen
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Culemborg - Volklingen map Day 1. Culemborg - Kevelaer (Germany): 112 km, 223 hm.
Dike road along the river Waal from Echteld (near TIel) to Nijmegen. After Nijmegen a bit of climbing (locally known as "seven hills"), followed by quiet local roads close to the Dutch/German border to Kevelaer*, a well-known catholic pilgrimage location which offers a lot of possibilities for eating and sleeping.

Day 2. Kevelaer - Wassenberg (Germany): 83 km, 109 hm.
Back in Limburg, the route to Venlo passes through the scenic Maasduinen National Park*. The German RurUfer-Radweg is joined in Vlodrop, shortly after Roermond. Wassenberg is a small, not particular exciting town, but it has a modest hotel just off the Radweg.

Day 3. Wassenberg - Heimbach: 90 km, 392 hm.
Up to Heimbach the route follows all the RurUfer-Radweg. The Rur* after Linnich is very attractive. Next,
Jülich and Düren have to be crossed. Ca. 10 km after Dürich you enter the Eifel region with several short but steep climbs. This is certainly the most scenic part of the day. Heimbach is a small tourist resort with good B&Bs and restaurants.

Day 4. Heimbach - Gerolstein: 80 km, 793 hm.
The first 6 km of the stage is a detour to visit a nearby Jugendstil-Kraftwerk* (recommended!). Next, the Eifel stage starts with up- and downhill sections between Heimbach and Stadtkyll. Shortly before reaching Stadtkyll the route meets the Kylltal-Radweg. Gerolstein is particularly famous for is mineral water; there are several sources*.

Day 5. Gerolstein - Konz: 91 km, 435 hm.
The Kylltal-Radweg leads te way from Gerolstein to the river Mosel. Directly after Kyllburg there is a steep climb (120 hm over 1.7 km; average 7%, max. 15%). Furthermore it is going downhill. The Kyll valley between Hüttingen a/d Kyll and Kordel (25 km) is just wide enough for the river, a single track railway and an unpaved - but excellent quality - cycle path. This is a truly magnificent section*. Near Trier the Kyll joins the Mosel, and for the last 15 km you have to follow the Mosel-Radweg. Konz offers accomodation, but it is not an exciting town. Alternatively you may like to stay in Trier.

Day 6. Konz - Völklingen: 95 km, 580 hm.
A full day - and a part of next day - cycling along the river Saar. The first 60 km are rewarding. One of the highlights is the Saarschliefe* near Mettlach. The stunning view of the Saar-hairpin is worth to climb 320 m to Orscholz. Near Merzig  you enter the much wider landscape of Saarland. A short detour into the city of Saarlouis, once build as a fortress, is recommended. The stay in Völklingen was chosen to visit the huge, former ironworks*. It is now an
impressive UNESCO World heritage site.

* see image on the photo page.


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