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GPS tracks



For each stage the GPS track (gpx format), map and profile (both in jpg format) can be downloaded. They are compressed to zip files; with a size between 130 and 240 KB). Tracks and profiles are based on Garmin Edge 705 GPS recordings. Start and end are near accommodations where we have stayed in 2011. Tracks include detours for coffee breaks, supermarkets where we have bought our lunch and some sightseeing. Profiles show height in meters above sea level plotted against distance in km. Note that ech plot, drawn by Ascent software, has its own scale for X- and Y-axes. That means that some climbs may look more (or less) demanding than others. Maps are made with GPS visualizer.

The accuracy of GPS tracks is reasonably high; the average distance between two waypoints is 36 meters. On purpose algorithms that simplify tracks by removing points are not used. To my experience they remove not only redundant points, but sometimes also critical points.


Day 1 Start: Culemborg, Weidsteeg.  End: Kevelaer center, Kapellenplatz. 112 km, 223 hm, 2590 waypoints download
Day 2 Start: Kevelaer, Marktstrasse.  End: Wassenberg, Roermonderstrasse. 83 km, 109 hm, 2287 waypoints download
Day 3 Start: Wassenberg, Roermonderstrasse.  End: Heimbach, Am Eichelberg. 90 km, 392 hm, 2774 waypoints download
Day 4 Start: Heimbach, Am Eichelberg.  End: Gerolstein, Gartenstrasse. 80 km, 793 hm, 2387 waypoints download
Day 5 Start: Gerolstein, Gartenstrasse.  End: Konz, Bahnhofstrasse. 91 km, 435 hm, 2544 waypoints download
Day 6 Start: Brückenstrasse.  End: Völklingen-Heidstock, Gerhardstrasse. 95 km, 580 hm, 2496 waypoints  download
Day 7 Start: Völklingen-Heidstock, Gerhardstrasse. End: Drulingen, Rue du Général Leclerc. 81 km, 414 hm, 1898 waypoints download
Day 8 Start: Drulingen, Rue du Général Leclerc.  End: Kehl, Bierkellerstrasse. 89 km, 463 hm, 2504 waypoints download
Day 9 Start: Kehl, Bierkellerstrasse.  End: Vogtsburg-Achkarren, In den Kapellenmatten. 88 km, 298 hm, 2204 waypoints download
Day 10 Start: Vogtsburg-Achkarren, In den Kapellenmatten. End: Weil am Rhein, Müllheimer Str. 70km, 158 hm, 1631 waypoints download
Day 11 Start: Weil am Rhein, Müllheimer Strasse.  End: Oberentfelden, Muhenstrasse. 69 km, 879 hm, 2299 waypoints download
Day 12 Start: Oberentfelden, Muhenstrasse.  End: Luzern, Zürichstrasse. 51 km, 282 hm, 1510 waypoints download
Day 13 Start: Luzern, Zürichstrasse.  End: Wassen, Pfaffensprung (2 km north of village). 81 km, 764 hm, 2302 waypoints download
Day 14 Start: Wassen, Pfaffensprung.  End: Airolo, Via San Gottardo. 39 km, 1474 hm, 1697 waypoints download
Day 15 Start: Airolo, Via San Gottardo.  End: Rivera, Via Cantonale. 82 km, 521 hm, 2171 waypoints download
Day 16 Start: Rivera, Via Cantonale.  End: Gallarate, Piazzale Giulio Cesare. 63 km, 550 hm, 1970 waypoints download
(return) Start: Gallarate, Piazzale Giulio Cesare.  End: Chiasso, Stazione FFS. 33 km, 269 hm, 884 waypoints download


About two-third of the Culemborg - Gallarate route follows signposted cycle paths. Some information about these sections are given below.
Logo RurUfer-Radweg RurUfer-Radweg.
Vlodrop to Heimbach; 122 km.
Esterbauer, RurUfer-Radweg
Large parts are unpaved roads; mostly of reasonably good quality.
Paved roads for the last 23 km, from Kreuzau uphill to Heimbach.
Some signposts are difficult to find or seems to be missing.
Logo Kylltal-Radweg Kylltal-Radweg.
Hallschlag / Stadtkyll to Trier; 112 km.
Esterbauer, Radatlas Südeifel (Radweg 9)
About 10 km, between Philippsheim and Kordel, is not paved, but of good quality. Well signposted.
Logo of Saar_Radweg Saarland-Radweg.
Konz to Sarre-Union; 154 km.
Esterbauer, Saar-Radweg
Only short parts are unpaved, but of good quality.
Between Konz and Saarburg and near Mettlach (Saarschleife) you can either follow the left or right bank of the river Saar. We have taken the left bank.
Well signposted.
logo of Rhein-Radweg Rhein-Radweg.
Kehl to Sasbach; 74 km.
Esterbauer, Rhein-Radweg 3
Nearly two-third (45 km) are unpaved Rhine dike roads. The quality is good, but gravel roads give noticeable more friction. Well signposted.
Logo of Veloland Schweiz Nord-Süd route Veloland Schweiz Nord-Süd route.
Basel to Agno (Lugano airport); 330 km.
Guide: Werd Verlag,
Veloland Schweiz, band 3
Good to excellent quality roads. Only 14 km between Schöftland and Sursee (canton Aarau), and three short parts in Ticino are unpaved.
The route is signposted with Swiss precision, just follow digit 3.



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