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Cycling Tour 2011 :  Passo dello Stelvio
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Stelvio tornante 22

Left: Trafoi with Gustav Thöni's hotel Bella Vista at the switchback. The Cime di Campo (3480m) is just visible.
Rightalternation of showers and sunny spells resulted in steaming asphalt (photo taken at tornante 22, near Franzenshöhe).


The Passo dello Stelvio (Stifserjoch) is one of our favourite high alpine climbs. In 2004 done in perfect weather, this year under very different conditions. When reaching the pass the view was reduced to 100-200 meters and our fingers were almost frozen by a nasty icy rain. Returning to Glurns, via Pass Umbrail and Santa Maria (Switzerland) was 50 / 65 minutes (Ward / Oof) of shivering. 

25 km climbing from Prad (930 m) to pass (2758 m):
Ward in 2004: 2h09',  2011: 1h50'
Oof in 2004: 3h13',  2011: 3h08'
Not bad, given the different conditions.


Stelvio map

Stelvio and Umbrail profile

gradient coding

GPS track (41 KB zip file; 64.6 km, 2359 waypoints; start and finish: Garni Glurnserhof, Glurns).


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