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Cycling Tour 2011 :  Psso del Mortirolo from Mazzo
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near Trivigno
Passo della Foppa

Leftstart of the descent from Livigno to Tirano; a nice, but partially bumpy road through a dense forest. The 20% warning sign relates to the last part which dives down with a bunch of switchbacks into the valley (Valtellina).
Right: most welcome sign after a 12.5 km exhausting climb from Mazzo. Passo della Foppa seems to be the official name of this pass. However, because of the Giro d'Italia it is more commonly known as Mortirolo. The Passo Mortirolo sign (see previous page) is located just around the corner.


From Edolo to Corteno Golgi it is possible to avoid the quite busy state road nr. 39. The price of less traffic is a pretty tough climb shortly after Edolo. Just before the village of Aprica we left the SS39, for a quiet road direction Trivigno and Tirano. The Passo di Santa Cristina follows after approximately 5 km. Note that the actual pass asks for a 200 m detour on a left hand side road to the village of Santa Cristina and Passo d'Aprica.

Trivigno, a collection of farms and houses dispersed in a valley, offers the possibility to turn right to the Passo del Mortirolo (see alternative connection on the map below). Coming from San Pietro/Aprica it is the easiest access to the famous Giro d'Italia pass. This 'piece of cake' access road has never been selected for a Giro stage.

The first climb ever of the Mortirolo in a Giro d'Italia was in 1990 from Monno. It was also the only Giro ascent from Monno. Full speed descending to Mazzo di Valtellina proved to be too risky. From 1991 till 2010 the Mortirolo from Mazzo has been a part of ten tours.

We have done this demanding, but rewarding climb in 2004 for this first time. The approach from the village of Mazzo di Valtellina has changed a bit, and each of the four ascents is now clearly signposted. The grade hasn't changed.


Map of Mortirolo and Santa Cristina

Gradient of Santa Cristina and Mortirolo

gradient coding

GPS track (53 KB zip file; 71.6 km, 3106 waypoints; start and finish: albergo Quai, Monno).


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