Col des Bordères and Porte d'Arrens


General characteristics (click for gradient profile or photos).

Argelès-Gazost [450m] - 17 km mainly uphill - Col des Bordères [1556m] - 4 km downhill - Arrens-Marsous [870m] - 11 km uphill - Porte d'Arrens [1500m].
Arrens-Marsous [870m] - 12 km downhill - Argelès-Gazost [450m] (see previous page for profile).

Approaching the Col des Bordères via Arcizans-Avant is nice and quiet and therefore an attractive alternative to the main road to Arrens-Marsous. Follow from Argelès respectively the D101 (to St Savin), and D13 and D103 (direction Lac d'Estaing). Turn right in the small village of Estaing for a short but steep climb to the Col des Bordères.

The paved road through the scenic Vallée d'Arrens ends at the EDF power station at Porte d'Arrens (also known as Aste). Note that you will not find any places to eat and drink in the upper part of the Vallée d'Arrens. You have to descent to Arrens-Marsous for refreshments.


Left: the Col de Bordères itself is quite insignificant but the pass roads are fine; middle: Vallée d'Arrens;
right: Barrage du Tech (halfway the valley).