Col du Soulor, Col d'Aubisque and Col des Bordères


General characteristics (click for gradient profiles or photos).

Argelès-Gazost [450m] - 12 km uphill - Arrens-Massous [870m] - 8 km uphill - Col du Soulor [1474m] - 2.5 km downhill, then 7.5 km uphill - Col d'Aubisque [1710m].

Arrens-Massous [870m] - 4 km uphill - Col des Bordères [1156m] -14 km mainly downhill - Argelès-Gazost [450m].

The Col d'Aubisque is one of the classic Tour de France climbs in the central Pyrenees. Starting in Argelès-Gazost it is a two-stage climb, of which the first part - the Col du Soulor - is more demanding than ascending the Col d'Aubisque itself. The eight kilometers from Arrens-Marsous to the Col du Soulor are on average 8% uphill. Because of the absence of really serious gradients and the relaxed second part of the climb it is more easy to master this side of Col d'Aubisque, compared to the other approach, starting in Laruns (not indicated on the map). The Tour de France graded the Col d'Aubisque as 'Hors Categorie'. This refers to ascent from Laruns. The Col du Soulor, approaching from Argelès, is a Hors Categorie climb.

The Col des Bordères offers from both sides a short, quite irregular and partly steep climb/descend, characteristic for a local road. Nevertheless the required effort, it is an attractive alternative to the more busy and not particular exciting main road between Arrens-Marsous and Argelès-Gazost. See next page for Col des Bordères in opposite direction, along a partly different route.


Left: view from the Col du Soulor towards Col d'Aubisque (see arrow, but hidden behind the ridge); right: milestone at the Col d'Aubisque.