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part 3:
Hainburg an der Donau - Hohenberg
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Map of bike route Hainburg - Hohenberg


Day 9. Hainburg an der Donau - Seibersdorf: 59 km.
A few kilometers along the busy Donau Radweg, then quiet minor roads, some of them unpaved and variable in quality. Day 9 and a part of day 10 we mostly followed the 'Alpen - Karpaten Korridor' (AKK). This is an Austrian/Slovak WWF initiative to facilitate contact between populations of wild animals (lynx, brown bear, wolf etc.)  in the two regions. It is also described as a, not marked, AKK cycle route (see GPS page).
West of Bruck an der Leitha we were lucky to be cyclist, given the very detailed instruction for truck drivers, see photo at right. Austrians like to be precise. We deviated from the AKK cycle route to find accommodation in Seibersdorf.

Day 10. Seibersdorf - Pernitz: 67 km.
In Eggendorf, northeast of Wiener Neustadt, we left the AKK route and headed west to the valley of the river Piesting in the Wiener Voralpen. The Piestingtal cycle path, from Markt Piesting to Gutenstein (day 11), is a steadily climbing, very attractive route that avoids the main road through the beautiful valley. In Pernitz you can make a short up and down trip to Muggendorf to see the Myrafälle, a scenic but somewhat overrated small waterfall.

Day 11. Pernitz - Hohenberg: 41 km.
The last half a day of our cycle tour around Vienna was most rewarding. First gently uphill to Gutenstein (440 m), then a beautiful climb to Haselrast (740 m; last 2 km on average 9.4%), followed by a short descent to Rohr in Gebirge and another climb to Ochsattel, with 820 m the highest point of the tour. Finally a rapid descent to Hohenberg (470 m) where the parking attendant has kept an eye on our car.
It was an enjoying 715 km ride through quite different regions of Lower Austria.
Cat at Hohenberg farm
Traffic sign near Stixneusiedl


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Hainburg - Hohenberg
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