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Hohenberg - Raabs an der Thaya
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Map of bike route Hohenberg - Raabs a/d Thaya

Day 1. Hohenberg - Sankt Pölten: 44 km.
Hohenberg was chosen as starting point because friends offered the opportunity to park the car at their grounds. All the way to the river Danube you can follow the the well maintained and signposted Traisentalweg (cycle path no. 4). The first 30 km, downhill through the foothills of the Wiener Voralpen, is scenic. Lilienfeld and Wilhelmsburg are attractive small towns. After the downhill part comes a semi-flat, industrialized area.

Day 2. Sankt Pölten - Fuglau: 79 km.
The first
20 km to the river Donau, along the Traisentalweg is gently going down to the river Donau. Downstream of Krems we crossed the river by a recently built bridge. After another seven km we picked up the Kamp-Thaya-March Radweg in Oberrohrendorf bei Krems. The next 7 days we followed the KTM route all the way to Hainburg (425 km). The valley of the river Kamp is for large parts attractive. The KTM route includes a few steep climbs.

Day 3. Fuglau - Zwettl: 54 km.
In particular the route from Krumau am Kamp to Rastenfeld (18 km), along several reservoirs is a very scenic, heavily forested area
. Shortly before Zwettl the KTM route passes the famous Zwettl Abbey. The Cistercian monastery is worth a visit. Zwettl itself has an attractive group of fountains and basins designed in 1994 by the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Day 4. Fuglau - Raabs an der Thaya: 87 km.

The route traverses the northern part of the Waldviertel (Forest Quarter, the northwestern part of Lower Austria), a friendly region. It is the most hilly stage. The KTM route is continuously going uphill and downhill (respectively 850 meter up and 980 meters down).

Day 2 to 4 we cycled through the northeastern part of the Waldviertel.
A pleasant part of the region, but certainly not the most forested part. Woods were only prominent between Langenlois and Gars am Kamp (day 2), and between Krumau am Kamp and Rastenfeld (day 3).

Smaller towns in the Wein- and Waldviertel seems to suffer from a declining number of tourists. Day-trippers from Vienna like the region, but it seems to be ignored by tourists who prefer to stay longer. Loads of people cycle along the Donau, but we have met only very few fellow-cyclists on the KTM route. The consequence of this is that some hotels and B&Bs have been closed down. More than once, finding accommodation took quite some time.


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