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GPS tracks



For each stage the GPS track (gpx format) and map (jpg format) can be downloaded. They are compressed to zip files; with a size between 143 and 357 KB). Tracks are based on Garmin Edge 705 GPS recordings. Start and end are near the accommodation where we have stayed in 2013. The height difference that we have overcome (hm) includes hills, dikes, viaducts etc. Detours for sightseeing, coffee stops or shopping have been deleted. Maps are made with GPS visualizer.

The accuracy of GPS tracks is reasonably high; the average distance between two waypoints is 30 meters. On purpose algorithms that simplify tracks are not used. To my experience they remove not only redundant points, but sometimes also critical points.


Day 1 Start: 3 km south of Hohenberg.  End: Hotel Alt Wien, Mariazeller Strasse, St. Pölten. 44 km, 6 hm, 1256 waypoints download
Day 2 Start: Hotel Alt Wien, St. Pölten.  End: Gasthaus Eisenhauer, Fuglau 33. 79 km, 486 hm, 2263 waypoints download
Day 3 Start: Fuglau.  End: Gasthof Dichter Hamerling, Galgenbergstrasse, Zwettl. 54 km, 714 hm, 1734 waypoints download
Day 4 Start: Zwettl.  End: Hotel Thaya, Hauptstrasse, Raabs an der Thaya. 87 km, 852 hm, 2717 waypoints download
Day 5 Start: Raabs a/d Thaya.  End: Privatzimmer Fam. Mahr, Badgasse, Hardegg. 38 km, 417 hm, 1108 waypoints download
Day 6 Start: Hardegg.  End: Privatzimmer Müller, Grosse Zeile 4, Herrnbaumgarten. 92 km, 667 hm, 2406 waypoints  download
Day 7 Start: Herrnbaumgarten. End: Privatzimmer, Rathausplatz, Hohenau an der March. 64 km, 367 hm, 1837 waypoints download
Day 8 Start: Hohenau.  End: Pizzeria El Pirata, Pressburger Reichsstr. 72, Hainburg a/d Donau. 90 km, 143 hm, 2151 waypoints download
Day 9 Start: Hainburg.  End: Gasthaus Hirschbeck, Marktplatz 5, Seibersdorf. 59 km, 314 hm, 1564 waypoints download
Day 10 Start: Seibersdorf. End: Haus Neptun, Muggendorfer Strasse 51, Pernitz. 67 km, 385 hm, 2111 waypoints download
Day 11 Start: Pernitz.  End: 3 km south of Hohenberg. 41 km, 598 hm, 2485 waypoints download


The tour consisted of various long(er) distance cycle routes. Characteristics of road quality, signposting and connecting roads are given below.
Traisental Radweg logo Traisentalweg. Lower Austrian cycle route no. 4.
Hohenau - Donau near Traismauer.

Excellent quality cycle paths and quiet local roads. Clearly signposted. The Traisentalweg ends at the Donau shortly after Traismauer. See GPS track of day 2 for the connection between Donau and Oberrohrendorf (11 km), where we joined Kamp-Thaya-March Radroute.
Logo KTM Radroute Kamp - Thaya - March Radroute (KTM).
Krems a/d Donau - Hainburg a/d Donau.
Esterbauer, Kamp-Thaya-March Radweg
Well signposted route. Some short parts are unpaved, but of good quality. The route between Krems and Herrnbaumgarten (ca. 300 km) is often hilly with occasionally short, steep climbs. No problem if your bike has an adequate low gear ratio.
Logo Liechtenstein Radroute Liechtenstein Radroute.
Valtice - Lednice (Czech Rep.) - Reintal (Austria)
Esterbauer, Kamp-Thaya-March Radweg
See also website
The Czech part of the Liechtenstein Radroute (Valtice-Reintal), including the loop to Lednice consists for about 30% of unpaved paths of variable quality. Signs can be confusing or missing. The Esterbauer guide or gps is a must.
Moravska Cyclklisti Cesta logo
Moravská Cyklistická Cesta.
Hohenau a/d March - Gajary (Slovakia) - Angern a/d March.
Described on Alpen - Karpaten Korridor website
A nice, very quiet, nearly fully paved, alternative to the KTM route along the Slovakian side of the March/Morava. Only 6 km longer than KTM. Signs are thinly dispersed. You may ask the tourist office in Hohenau about operation of the Záhorská Ves - Angern ferry, which is water level dependent.
no AKK signs
Alpen - Karpaten Korridor (AKK).
Scharndorf - Eggendorf.
Website, including gps:
There is no continuous, signposted AKK cycle route. Parts are used by other (signposted) cycle routes, for example Winzer Tour Carnuntum and Leitharadweg. Parts between Petronell-Carnuntum (near Donau) and Trautmannsdorf are unpaved. The quality is occasionally bad.
Piestingtal logo
Piestingtal, a.k.a Biedermeiertal Radweg. Lower Austria cycle route no. 43.
Wöllersdorf - Rohr im Gebirge.
Splendid, paved and quiet cycle route. Note that in Gutenstein you have to take a minor road to Rohr im Gebirge (avoid main route to Rohrer Sattel). 4 km after Rohr i.G. turn right to Kalte Kuchl and Ochsattel. 1.5 km after Ochsattel turn right and descent to Hohenberg.



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