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part 3:  Eisfeld (Werra) - Hann. Münden
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Map 3 of Thueringen roundtrip

Day 7. Eisfeld (Werra) - Bad Salzungen: 94 km.
The Werratal-Radweg is rightly one of Germany's prominent long distance cycle paths It offers scenic parts, charming old villages and towns and a good choice of accommodations. Bad Salzungen is a famous saline spa. Here we visited the Gradierwerke; an interesting experience (see images page).

Day 8. Bad Salzungen - Gerstungen: 47 km.
In Merkers (11 km after leaving Bad Sulza) we visited the K&S salt mine that now serves as a show mine. During a two and a half hours guided tour you are taken to an 800 meter deep crystal grotto. You will also see the vault in which Nazi gold and stolen works of art was hidden. Several more potassium mines in the vicinity are still in operation. Above ground there are huge waste deposits. The increased salt concentration are a serious environmental problem.

Day 9. Gerstungen - Eisenach: 29 km.
After Gerstungen we temporarily left the Werratal-Radweg and made a detour to Eisenach. The city had a rich car industry. The Museum Automobil Welt that has a collection of locally produced Dixi, EMW, IFA and Wartburg models. After that we climbed to the Wartburg castle, the highlight of Eisenach.

Day 10. Eisenach - Allendorf: 83 km.
The last 100 km of the Werratal-Radweg mainly follows scenic cycle paths and quiet local roads. Shortly after Treffurt we left Thüringen and entered Hessen. Despite massive upgrading and restoration projects a difference between former east and west Germany is still noticeable. It will probably take many more decades - if ever - to eradicate the differences.

Day 11. Allendorf - Hann. Münden: 38 km.
The Grenzmuseum Schifflersgrund, close to Allendorf gives a detailed impression of the iron curtain. A short but quit steep climb to  the former  border is rewarding. The Werratal-Radweg ends in Hann. Münden where Werra and Fulda merge and continue as Weser towards Bremerhaven. The original name of the 600 years old town is Münden. To avoid confusion with among others Minden, the Hannoverian Southern Railways decided in 1856 to print Hann. Münden on their train tickets. From 1991 Hannoversch Münden is the official name.


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