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part 2:  Bad Sulza - Eisfeld (Werra)
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Map 2 of Thueringen roundtrip

Day 5. Bad Sulza - StadtIlm: 80 km
The Ilmtal-Radweg winds through a region that is attractive for both a variety of landscapes and interesting towns and villages. The most important highlight is Weimar, about halfway between Bad Sulza and Stadilm. Although we followed the Ilm upstream, the gradient from Bad Sulza to Stadilm is hardly noticeable (on average 0.3%). The average temperature (up to 35°C) had more impact on our performances. Finding accommodation in Stadilm was welcome. The main church of Stadtilm is remarkable because of two large towers, connected by a bridge. Restoration is urgently needed, but resources are lacking.

Day 6. StadtIlm - Eisfeld (Werra): 72 km.
The 50 km from Ilmenau to the other side of the Rennsteig mountain ridge was one the most scenic parts of the tour. The densely forested area is well-known among among walkers and cyclists. The crossing starts with a climb to the sources of the river Ilm. Between Stützerbach and Allzunah* three little steams unite and continue as Ilm.
The last climb after Masserberg (Eselsberg. 842 meter) was the highest point of our roundtrip. Soon thereafter we reached one of two sources of the river Werra, the Fehrenbach Werraquelle at 797 meter above sea level according to a sign at the source. The second Werra source is situated 7 km southeast, near Sigmundsburg. A lovely 15 km downhill ride - partly unpaved - ended in Eisfeld.
Allzunah sign* Allzunah means 'too close to'.
The name of the hamlet dates back to ca. 1700, and is related to glass manufacturers in the region. There was a glass blowing establishment (Glasshütte) in the nearby village of Stützerbach. In 1692 Franz Wenzel started a new facility close to the Stützerbach Glasshütte. Soon the rivals in Stützerbach designated the Franzenhütte as Allzunaherhütte, or in short Allzunah. Glass manufacturing disappeared long ago, but the name of the hamlet remained.

Profile of Rennstein crossing


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