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Hann. Münden - Bad Sulza
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Map 1 of Thueringen roundtrip

Day 1. Hann. Münden - Mühlhausen: 84 km.
The roundtrip started with a two-stage climb from the Werra valley to the source of the Unstrut at Kefferhausen (see graph below). There is an alternative, more gentle, route between Uder and Heuthen. The Unstrutquelle (source) is not at all impressive, see photo at the introduction page. Mühlhausen is an interesting old town with a rich architectural heritage. Many churches and houses are carefully restored over the last twenty years.

Day 2. Mühlhausen - Sömmerda: 69 km.
Before leaving Mühlhausen we visited the Fernmeldemuseum (Telephone museum). It houses a rich collection of workable telephone systems with special attention to former DDR material. A guided tour is recommended. Although the Unstrut-Radweg is by far not the most renown German long distance cycle route, it offers an attractive ride through a varied landscape. Sömmerda is a friendly, bit sleepy small town. Lodging is limited.

Day 3. Sömmerda - Nebra: 71 km.
Another nice day of cycling. Gradually the river Unstrut gains in size. 15 km before reaching Nebra, we made a small detour to Wiehe to visit six halls full of model railways. Amazing ! Shortly after Wiehe there is a steep climb to Burg Wendelstein. Another short steep climb follows in Nebra. Nearby the bronze Nebra sky disk was found, an astronomical instrument dated to 1600 B.C.

Day 4. Nebra - Bad Sulza: 50 km.
5 km before the point where the Unstrut flows into the river Saale you pass Freyburg (Unstrut), famous for Rotkäppchen Sektkellerei. The sparkling wine cellars are worth a visit.
A very simple ferry brings you to the right bank of the Saale where we continued our ride along the Saale-Radweg. We followed this busy cycle route for only 20 km. In Großheringen, close to Bad Sulza, we shifted to the much more quiet Ilmtal-Radweg. Bad Sulza is a vibrant spa with saline evaporation works.

Profile Werra - Unstrut road connection


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