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Thüringen Roundtrip
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Source of river Unstrut

General map of Thueringen Roundtrip

Source of river Werra
'Official' source of the river Unstrut, situated in Kefferhausen, near Dingelstädt (1).

Map of central Germany showing rivers Unstrut, Ilm, Saale and Werra, flowing through the federal state of Thuringia.

Source of the river Werra near Fehrenbach,
situated in the Thüringer Schiefergebirge (2).


Thüringen Roundtrip

  1: Hann. Münden - source of Unstrut at Kefferhausen (52 km)
  2: Downstream along the Unstrut to Naumburg (204 km)
  3: Along the Saale from Naumburg to Großheringen (20 km)
  4: Upstream along the Ilm to its source near Allzunah (120 km)
  5: From source of Ilm to source of Werra (22 km)
  6: Downstrean along the Werra to Hann. Münden* (299 km)
      * including detour to Eisenach

We have done the roundtrip in 11 stages. Click links for details.
Stages 1 - 4:   Münden - Bad Sulza (Unstrut- and Saale-Radweg).
Stages 5 - 6:   Bad Sulza - Eisfeld (Ilmtal- and Rennsteig-Radweg).
Stages 7 - 11: Eisfeld - Münden (Werratal-Radweg).

The images page gives impressions of the tour that has been made by Oof Oud and Henro de Witt in June 2014.

717 km, 4200 hm. See GPS page for details.


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Münden - Bad Sulza
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Bad Sulza - Eisfeld
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Eisfeld - Münden
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