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GPS tracks



For each stage the GPS track (gpx format) and map (jpg format) can be downloaded*. They are compressed to zip files; with a size between 112 KB and 2.5 MB*). Tracks are based on Garmin Edge 705 GPS recordings. Start and end are near the accommodation where we have stayed in 2013. The height difference that we have overcome (hm) includes hills, dikes, viaducts etc. Detours for sightseeing, coffee stops or shopping have been deleted. Maps are made with GPS visualizer.
* Additional detailed maps are provided for day 1 (start to Unstrut source) and day 6 (Allzunah - Werra source).

The accuracy of GPS tracks is reasonably high; the average distance between two waypoints is 35 meters. On purpose algorithms that simplify tracks are not used. To my experience they remove not only redundant points, but sometimes also critical points.
Gain of height in meters (hm), given in the table below, is based on GPS recordings. Garmin BaseCamp software gives on average 12% higher values.


Day  1 Start: Hann. Münden, Weserstein.  End: Mühlhausen, Herrenstraße, Pension Marienkirche. 84 km, 785 hm, 2464 waypoints download
Day 2 Start: Mühlhausen.  End: Sömmerda, Kölledaer Straße, Hotel Erfurter Tor. 69 km, 160 hm, 1697 waypoints download
Day 3 Start: Sömmerda.  End: Nebra, Schlossberg, Pension Kretschmar. 71 km, 238 hm, 1599 waypoints download
Day 4 Start: Nebra.  End: Bad Sulza, In den Emsenwehren, Hotel Garni Fam. Möller. 50 km, 318 hm, 1425 waypoints download
Day 5 Start: Bad Sulza.  End: Stadtilm, Bahnhofstraße, Hotel Garni Gingobaum (Haus Vaterland). 80 km, 650 hm, 2520 waypoints download
Day 6 Start: Stadtilm.  End: Eisfeld (Werra), Bahnhofstraße, Privatzimmer Doering. 72 km, 783 hm, 2434 waypoints  download
Day 7 Start: Eisfeld (Werra). End: Bad Salzungen, An den Gradierhäusern, Tourist Information. 94 km, 419 hm, 2851 waypoints download
Day 8 Start: Bad Salzungen, Steinweg.  End: Gerstungen, Karlstraße, Pension Wolf.
47 km, 301 hm, 1438 waypoints download
Day 9 Start: Gerstungen.  End: Eisenach, Markt, Tourist Information. 29 km, 181 hm,  836 waypoints download
Day 10 Start: Eisenach.  End: Bad Sooden-Allendorf, Kirchstraße (Allendorf), Hotel Werratal. 83 km, 236 hm, 2363 waypoints download
Day 11 Start: Allendorf.  End: Hann. Münden, Weserstein (confluence of Werra and Fulda).
38 km, 121 hm, 1105 waypoints download


The tour consisted of various long(er) distance cycle routes. Details are given below.
Cycle path sign
Connection between Werra and Unstrut (52 km).
Hann. Münden - Hedemünden - Uder - Kefferhausen.
Leine-Radweg: see Esterbauer guide.
A leaflet gives details of Unstrut-Leine-Radweg.
Hann. Münden - Hedemünden: Werratal-Radweg (10 km). Hedemünden - Reckershausen: no signs. Reckershausen - Uder: Leine-Radweg (12 km). Uder - Heuthen: no signs. Heuthen - Kefferhausen: Unstrut-Leine-Radweg (5 km). Alternative via from Uder: Leine-Radweg to Heilbad Heiligenstadt, then H.H.- Heuthen - Kefferhausen: Unstrut-Leine-Radweg (in total: 15 km).
Kefferhausen/Dingelstädt - Saale near Naumburg:
Unstrut- Radweg (ca. 200 km).
Esterbauer, Unstrut-Radweg
Mostly well signposted route, but occasionally signs can be missed easily. Short parts are unpaved, but of good quality.
Esterbauer offers buyers of the guide the possibility to download the GPS track.
Saale near Naumburg - Großheringen / Bad Sulza:
Saale-Radweg (20 km).
Esterbauer, Saale-Radweg
Good quality, mostly quiet roads or cycle paths. Note that our Thüringen roundtrip has used only 20 km of the Saale-Radweg. The route is clearly signposted. To follow the 20 km only, a guide is not a must.
Großheringen / Bad Sulza - Ilm sources near Allzunah:
Ilmtal-Radweg (120 km).
Information can be found on Ilmtal-Radweg website.
A nice, quiet and nearly fully paved route. Signs are usually clear. Between Ilmenau and Allzunau you have to climb from ca. 500 to 700 meters over a distance of 15 km.
Allzunah - Fehrenbach Werra source (22 km).
Rennweg website gives some general information.
Signs along the Rennsteig-Radwanderweg are reasonably clear. However, there is also a Rennsteig track for walkers. Pay only attention to signs with a bike. Switch to the Werrtal-Radweg about 2 km after the Fehrenbach Werra source.
Fehrenbach Werra source -  Eisfeld - (Eisenach*) - Hann. Münden: Werratal-Radweg (ca. 300 km)
Website: Esterbauer, Werratal-Radweg.
* Eisenach is 10 km off the Werratal-Radweg
Excellent long distance cycle route. Clearly signposted. Usually quiet roads and cycle paths. Heavy traffic is to be expected only near larger towns.
Esterbauer offers buyers of the guide the possibility to download the GPS track.


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