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Wesenberg - Stralsund - Binz
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Bike route Wesenberg - Binz, map
Day 10. Wesenberg - Malchin: 86 km.
The last part of the route traverses Mecklenburg-Vorpommern from south to north. It is the least densely populated federal state of Germany and certainly not the most wealthy state. The lack of money to develop a network of
good quality minor roads and cycle paths is evident. Cobblestones can be found in nearly each village and 'Plattenwege' * are abundant. These roads consist of two 40-50 cm strips of low quality concrete paving slabs. However, there are also examples of excellent cycle paths (see next day).
Malchin* is a friendly small town that unfortunately suffers from a diminishing population because of lack of employment since all, no longer viable, DDR factories are closed.

Day 11. Malchin - Stralsund: 98 km.
The route along Malchin, Demmin, Tribsees to Stralsund leads through a friendly and quite variable landscape.
The last 29 km, from Siemersdorf (near Tribsees) to Stralsund follows the track of the former Stralsund - Tribseeser Eisenbahn It is now a paved cycle path. A joy to ride.
Stralsund is a pleasant, old town that belonged to the Hanseatic League. The St. Nicolai, Marienkiche* and other beautifully restored building ask for staying a bit longer in Stralsund.

Day 12. Stralsund - Breege / Juliusruh: 77 km.
Day 13. Juliusruh - Binz: 48 km.
The beaches of the island of Rügen are a very popular holiday destination*. The chalk cliffs at Kap Arkona are famous. The Jasmund National Park is attractive, but commercially over-exploited. Another, point you can't miss is the huge Nazi-KdF holiday camp*. It is a fascinating project. Have a look at the documentation center Prora
For cyclists, Rügen has one disadvantage (admitted by the tourist board !): many cycle paths are severely neglected* and signs are sometimes missing. Take care when cycling on Rügen, it can be adventurous, but only the unavoidable B96 / E22 between Poppelvitz and Ramblin was not without danger. A new road for heavy traffic to Bergen is under construction.

see image on the photo page.
Stralsund, Marienkirche
Stralsund, Angel at Marienkirche


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