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Wittenberg - Berlin - Wesenberg
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Bike route Wittenberg - Wesenberg, map
Day 6. Wittenberg - Potsdam: 96 km.
This section offered an unexpected charming countryside, with gently rolling hills, large woodlands alternated with farm land. Good quality quiet roads and cycle paths.
Potsdam is worth a visit. Do not miss the large Sanssoucis Park. To my opinion the baroque New Palace* and adjacent Communs building are more interesting than the Sanssoucis palace. The Chinese House is funny, but a bit over the top. Related to the more recent history, visiting the villa where the Wannsee conference was held, is recommended. The villa was used by senior Nazi officials to discuss the "Final solution of the Jewish question". It is now a well-documented museum.

Day 7. Potsdam - Berlin: 37 km.
From a historical and cultural aspects
Berlin is a fascinating city. It takes probably many months before you have seen all interesting spots. We stayed only two days in Berlin.

Day 8. Berlin - Zehdenick: 88 km.
There are at least two options when leaving Berlin towards the Baltic Sea. Straight on north, via Spandau and Oranienburg, or via Bernau bei Berlin through the Naturpark Barnim* and vast Biosphären Reservat Schofheide. We have chosen for the second option. Absolutely splendid (except for the whether).

Day 9. Zehdenick - Wesenberg: 66 km.
A varied route along quiet roads of reasonably good quality, through a pleasant mix of woodlands, fields and lakes, often interconnected by canals.

* see image on the photo page.
Late afternoon flying exercise of a young stork at Gross Quassow. He (or she) took profit of a strong headwind.

Stork, flying exercises


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