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Prague - Dresden - Wittenberg
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Bike route Prague - Wittenberg, map
Day 1. Prague - Roudnice nad Labem: 90 km.
Despite horror stories on internet, cycling in Prague did not cause any 'life threatening' situations. From Prague to Melnik we followed the river Moldau (Labe). In Klecany the Esterbauer guide warns for a bad and dangerous bike path along the river. Also by others it was strongly advised to take an uphill detour to Krapuly. It asks for short, steep climb. There are no signs for this alternative route. At Lužec, 10 km before Mělník, there is a possibility to cross the Moldau by a nostalgic ferry*. Moldau and Elbe merge in Mělník.

Day 2. Roudnice nad Labem - Bad Schandau: 93 km.
Cycle path no. 2 follows the river Labem (Elbe) quite closely. Road quality between Roudnice and Děčín is highly variable. Expect an alternation of quiet farm roads, unpaved tracks and sometimes quite busy secondary roads. A few sections are not yet upgraded. Directly after Děčín the Elbe enters the 
Elbe- sandsteingebirge (sand stone mountains), a region also known as Sächsische Schweiz. One of the highlights along the Elbe*.

Day 3. Bad Schandau - Dresden: 43 km.
Bad Schandau is the main touristic center of the
Sächsische Schweiz*. We included a (steep) up- and downhill detour to Rathen and followed a nice and quiet road along the right hand Elbe bank to Pirna. Gradually the Elbe-Radweg enters a more densely populated area, that culminates in Dresden.

Day 4. Dresden - Belgern: 85 km.

Day 5. Belgern - Wittenberg: 86 km.

The Elbe-Radweg winds through a pleasant, but not exciting landscape. Belgern is a friendly, sleepy little town. The main highlight is a large Roland statue, in front of the restored 16th century town hall*. In Wittenberg it is impossible to miss Luther. The town takes full profit of the German priest who finally became the father of Protestant reformation.
* see photo page.
Belgern, Roland statue (1610). Many statues of knight Roland exist. They are regarded as symbol of municipal law.

Belgern, Roland statue


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