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Moldau ferry at Luzec
Elbe near Roudnice (CZ)
↑ Day 1
Cycle path no. 2 near Krapuly nad Vltavou
↑ Day 1
Moldau ferry at Lužec nad Vltava
↑ Day 2
Elbe near Roudnice nad Labem
Elbe at CZ/D border
Pirna, Das blauwe Wunder
↑ Day 2
Elbe at CZ/D border, seen towards Děčín
↑ Day 3
Elbesandsteingebirge seen from Rathen
↑ Day 3,  das Blaue Wunder,
iron Elbe bridge (1893) near Dresden
Belgern Torgau liberation monument
↑ Day off
Dresden seen from Frauenkirche
↑ Day 4  Belgern,
town hall (1575-'78) with Roland statue at left
↑ Day 5,  Torgau, memorial to commemorate liberation by Soviet (but also US!) troops  
Wittenberg, door of Schlosskirche Hoher Fläming Glienicker Brücke
↑ Day 5,  Wittenberg, door (replaced in 1858) of Schlosskirche, famous for Luthers theses ↑ Day 6,  Cycle path trough
Hoher Fläming (north of Wittenberg)
↑ Day 7,  Glienicke Brücke, Potsdam,
known for exchange of DDR / BRD spies
Berlin, Pergamon museum Berlin, remnant of the Wall Naturpark Barnim
↑ Day off,  Berlin, Pergamon museum,
reconstruction of Ischtat gate, Babylon
↑ Day 8,  Berlin, Mauer-Radweg,
Alexanderufer with remnant of the Wall
↑ Day 8
Naturpark Barnim, north of Bernau bei Berlin
Nationalpark Müritz Plattenweg Ankershagen, Trojan Horse
↑ Day 10
Nationalpark Müritz
↑ Day 10, Plattenweg, typical minor road
in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
↑ Day 10,  Ankershagen
Trojan Horse at Heinrich Schlieman museum
Malchin, Kalensche Tor Stralsund, Marienkirche Stralsund, Heilgeistkirche
↑ Day 11
Malchin, Kalensche Tor
↑ Day 11
Stralsund, Marienkirche
↑ Day off,  Stralsund,
main door of Heilgeistkirche (detail)
Rügen, Ostsee-Radweg Kap Arkona Ostsee-bad Binz
↑ Day 12
Rügen, Ostsee-Radweg
↑ Day 12
Lighthouses at Kap Arkona
↑ Day 13
Baltic Sea resort Binz (July 2012)
Prora KdF complex
↑ Additional day at Prora, beach resort on the island of Rügen, 6 km north of Binz.
Panoramic view of one building complex (of five) of the colossal Nazi-planned 'Kraft durch Freude' holiday camp, build between 1936 and '39.

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