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GPS tracks



For each stage the GPS track (gpx format) and map (jpg format) can be downloaded. They are compressed to zip files; with a size between 74 and 184 KB). Tracks are based on Garmin Edge 705 GPS recordings. Start and end are at a tourist office or near the accommodation where we have stayed in 2012. The height difference that we have overcome (hm) includes hills, dikes, viaducts etc. Detours for sightseeing, coffee stops or shopping have been deleted. Maps are made with GPS visualizer.

The accuracy of GPS tracks is reasonably high; the average distance between two waypoints is 39 meters. On purpose algorithms that simplify tracks are not used. To my experience they remove not only redundant points, but sometimes also critical points.


Day 1 Start: Prague railway station (Praha h.n.).  End: Roudnice nad Labem, Pension Renda. 90 km, 400 hm, 2510 waypoints download
Day 2 Start: Riudnice nad Labem, Pension Renda.  End: Bad Schandau, Tourist Office. 93 km, 270 hm, 2611 waypoints download
Day 3 Start: Bad Schandau, Tourist Office.  End: Dresden, Tourist Office in Kulturpalast. 43 km, 170 hm, 1138 waypoints download
Day 4 Start: Dresden, Pirnaischer Platz.  End: Belgern, Markt. 85 km, 220 hm, 2060 waypoints download
Day 5 Start: Belgern, Markt.  End: Wittenberg, Markt. 86 km, 150 hm, 1997 waypoints download
Day 6 Start: Wittenberg, Markt.  End: Potsdam, Tourist Office at Brandenburger Strasse. 37 km, 160 hm, 1007 waypoints  download
Day 7 Start: Potsdam, Tourist Office. End: Berlin-Mitte, Brandenburger Tor. 81 km, 414 hm, 1898 waypoints download
Day 8 Start: Berlin-Mitte, Brandenburger Tor.  End: Zehdenick, Berliner Strasse. 88 km, 350 hm, 2361 waypoints download
Day 9 Start: Zehdenick, Berliner Strasse.  End: Wesenberg, Markt. 66 km, 340 hm, 1968 waypoints download
Day 10 Start: Wesenberg, Markt. End: Malchin, Markt. 86 km, 260 hm, 2111 waypoints download
Day 11 Start: Malchin, Markt.  End: Stralsund, Tribseer Damm. 98 km, 370 hm, 2485 waypoints download
Day 12 Start: Stralsund, Tribseer Damm.  End: Breege-Juliusruh, Ringstrasse. 77 km, 230 hm, 2076 waypoints download
Day 13 Start: Breege-Juliusruh, Ringstrasse.  End: Binz auf Rügen, Bahnhof DB. 48 km, 450 hm, 1482 waypoints download


The tour consisted of a sequence of sections of various long distance cycle routes. Characteristics of road quality and signposting are given below.
Note that from Marienwerder to Zehdenick (31 km) we have followed local roads and cycle paths. Click here to download a detailed map (246 KB).
Czech cycle route no. 2 logo Czech long distance cycle route no. 2.
Prague - Czech/German border.

In Prague indicated as route A2.
Esterbauer, Elbe-Radweg 1
Road quality varies considerably. Very bad parts after Klecany (see day 1), and between Roudice nad Labem and Litomerice. Parts of a new cycle path between Litomerice and Ustí nad Labem were under construction.
Few signposts are difficult to find or seems to be missing.
Logo Elbel-Radweg Elbe-Radweg.
Czech.German border - Luherstadt Wittenberg.
Esterbauer, Elbe-Radweg 1 , or
Kay Wewior: Das Ostdeutschland GPS RadReiseBuch
Good quality cycle paths or quiet local roads. Clearly signposted as Elbe-Radweg in Saksen. in Saksen-Anhalt the route is indicated as no. R2 (last 40 km to Lutherstadt Wittenberg).
Logo of Europa_Radweg R1 Europa-Radweg R1.
Lutherstadt Wittenberg - Berlin.
Esterbauer, Europa Radweg R1 , or
Kay Wewior: Das Ostdeutschland GPS RadReiseBuch
After leaving Wittenberg initially mainly unpaved roads, but of good quality, through Naturpark Hoher Fläming. In Brandenburg excellent, well signposted, cycle paths and quiet local roads.
After Potsdam-Wannsee follow signs to Berlin-Mitte.
Berlin-Usedom Radweg logo
Radfernweg Berlin-Usedom.
Berlin - Marienwerder.
Esterbauer, Radfernweg Berlin-Usedom
Mostly good quality roads. Usually clearly signposted. Follow the Mauer- Radweg for the first 9 km in Berlin (Brandenburger Tor / Ebertstrasse to Esplanade / Dolomitenstrasse). After the Bernauer Strasse the Mauer- and Berlin-Usedom-Radweg merge. Then, stay on the Radfernweg B-U.
Berlin-Kopenhagen Radweg logo
Radfernweg Berlin - Kopenhagen.
Zehdenick - Waren.
Guide: Esterbauer, Radfernweg Berlin-Kopenhagen
Good quality roads. Well signposted.
15 km after Fürstenberg (3 km after leaving the village Strasen) stay on L251 to Wüstrow and Wesenberg !! Ignore the sign that points to a sandy path at left. It leads to a 
mountain bike track.
Hamburg-Ruegen Radweg logo
Radfernweg Hamburg - Rügen.
Waren - Stralsund.
Das Ostdeutschland GPS RadReiseBuch
Roads in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have a highly variable quality; from excellent, paved bike paths to bumpy cobblestones and strips of subsided, corroded concrete slabs. Cycling is safe, but not always relaxed.
Ostsee Radweg logo
Stralsund - Binz.
Guide: Esterbauer,Ostseeküsten-Radweg 2 or
Das Ostdeutschland GPS RadReiseBuch
The infrastructure for cyclists on the island of Rügen is often disappointing. Most cycle paths are unpaved, partly sandy and narrow. Also signposting needs improvement.



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