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Passo Valles and Passo di San Pellegrino


view from Passo di Valles

   View from Passo di Valles in easterly direction.

Both the Passo di Valles and Passo di San Pellegrino have been climbed in five Giro d'Italia stages. We have combined the two in a loop, starting in Predazzo. The chosen counter clockwise direction of cycling offers the most challenging ascents for both Valles and Pellegrino. The 18% warning halfway the Pellegrino ascent is a bit 'optimistic'; my GPS indicated a maximum of 15.5%. Note that the Pellegrino pass sign gives the name in local Dolomitic Ladin, a dialect of the Rhaeto-Romance language. Mont de Aloch is the name that has been used in the past. Pass and surrounding area are a part of territory of the distant community of Soraga.

The road from Predazzo to to Panevéggio is quite busy, but most traffic goes to, or comes from the Passo di Rolle. The SS48 from Moena to Predazzo is an even more busy section, but fortunately a cycle path offers a pleasant alternative. Another cycle path connects Predazzo with Moline di Fiemma (see previous map). The cycle path follows the river Avisio along the south bank, while the main road is north of the river.


Map of Passo di Valles and Passo di San Pellegrino

Profile of Passo di Valles and Passo di San Pellegrino

Click here for file of GPS data of the above track (62.1 km, 2067 waypoints).


Casa Cantonale near Paneveggio
Catinaccio mountains seen from Moeno

A Casa Cantoniera near Panevéggio, build by A.N.A.S., a former government owned company deputed to construct and maintain motorways and state highways. Highways were divided into sections. Many sections had a Casa Cantoniera. They served as living for road supervisors, and offered space to store materials. From the 1980s many houses fell into disuse. Case Cantoniere always have the same characteristic red color, based on a natural pigment that was already used in Roman times, hence its Italian name: rosso pompeiano.
Part of the Catinaccio / Rosengarten massive seen from Moena.


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