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Cycling Tour 2010 :  Sella Ronda
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Sasso Lungo
Passo Gardena
Passo Pordoi
Photos taken at the 2010 Sella Ronda Bike Day (27 June 2010). Left: Sasso Lungo group seen from the Passo di Sella.
Middle: jeuf de Frea / Grödner Joch / Passo Gardena*. Right: ascent of the Passo Pordoi from Arabba


Four passes, Sella - Gardena - Campolongo - Pordoi, are situated in a loop in the center of the Dolomite mountains. Each year the Sella Ronda Bike Day is organized. That Sunday, usually between late June and early July, the roads that connect the four passes are closed for all motorized traffic, between 8h30 and 15h30. Those seven hours the pass roads are the domain of cyclists. It is a non-competitive ride. There is no registration, so you can start wherever you like, but it is strongly advised to round the passes in a clockwise direction.
In 2010 approx. 12.000 participants were expected, but such a number hardly causes any problem. Because of different starting points and differences in speed the many thousands of cyclists are soon scattered along the 60 km route. Cycling in one of the finest mountain regions without the disturbing noise and smell of motor bikes (!!!) and cars is a blessing. Closing pass roads more often, at least for motor bikes, would transform the Dolomites even more into a paradise for recreational cycling ! 

* In a number of valleys in the Dolomites Ladin, a Rhaeto-Romance language,
is spoken besides German and/or Italian.
  The name of some passes is therefore given in two or three languages. For example:
  Passo di Gardena (italian) - Grödner Joch (german) - Jeuf de Frea (ladin);
  Passo di Campolongo - Jou de Ciaulonch
  Passo di Giau - Juf de Giao
  note that Jeuf, Jou and Juf reflect Ladin dialects spoken in different valleys.


Below: map and gradient profile of the four Sella Ronda passes.

Sella Ronda map

Sella Ronda gradient

gradient coding

Tracks, distances, profiles and gradients are based on Garmin Edge 705 data.


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