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Cycling Tour 2010 :  Jaufenpass & Timmelsjoch
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Jaufenpass Timmelsjoch-Italy
Snow and ice at the beginning of our tour. Left: snowplough in action at the Austrian side of the Timmelsjoch.
last snow at the Jaufenpass. Right: warning for ice in a tunnel near the Timmelsjoch summit (Italian side).


We had the intention to start our tour in Sölden, at the (Austrian) lower end of the Timmelsjoch ascent. However, the weather was bad at the north side of the Alps; rain in the valleys, snow above 2000 meters. Therefore, we crossed the border by car and drove to Sankt Leonhard in Passeier (San Leonardo in Passiria, but nearly every body speaks German in that part of Italy), where it was sunny and 20+ degrees. Moreover, St Leonhard is a more pleasant village to stay than Sölden, which was desolated. It seems to be mainly a wintersport resort.

St Leonhard was the starting point for two nice climbs. First the easy going and extremely steady climbing Jaufenpass (Passo di Monte Giovo). Timmelsjoch (Passo del Rombo) was on the menu for next day. A longer and quite irregular climb. Certainly more demanding than the Austrian ascent, but very scenic. Starting in Italy rather than Austria was in all respect a good choice.


Below: map and gradient profile of the Jaufenpass and Timmelsjoch.

Jaufenpass map

Jaufenpass gradient

Timmelsjoch map

Timmelsjoch gradient

gradient coding

Tracks, distances, profiles and gradients are based on Garmin Edge 705 data.


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