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Cycling Tour 2010 :  Gardeccia and Ciampie
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Gardeccia climb
Val di San Nicolo
Left: last 100 meters of the steep climb to the Gardeccia hut. Middle: southward view from Gardeccia. Right: Val di San Nicolo seen from the Rifugio Passo San Nicolo. We cycled to the point indicated by the red arrow, thereafter the road is only accessible for mountain bikes.


From Alba di Canazei you have not only a choice of passes to climb, but there are also worthy uphill dead end roads into side valleys. Ugo Rosa has recommended us the ascent to Rifugio Gardeccia in Val de Vaiolet and the close by road into the Val di San Nicoló towards Ciampie. The road through the Val de Vaiolet is narrow and steep, but the asphalt is of surprisingly good quality given the fact that from km 12.3 the road is closed to all motorized traffic, except locals and mini buses that transport walkers. The gravel road that can be seen on the photo top left starts just before the rifugio.

The Val de San Nicolo road is on average less steep than the road to Gardeccia. Asphalt stops after approximately 7 km at a point where refreshments are served. Two days after this tour we walked from Alba di Canazei to Malga Contrin and the Passo San Nicolo (see green track on the map below). A very rewarding day trip. The meadows above 2000 meters where full of alpine flowers. When cycling (uphill) you see flowers at a glimpse, but this walk offered the opportunity to take pictures. See photos on a separate page.

Not done by us, but within reach of Alba di Canazei are the Passo di San Pellegrino, Passo di Costalunga and Passo Nigra (south of Pozza di Fassa, see map below).
Alba - Pellegrino = 30 km (800 hm), Alba - Costalunga = 23 km (460 hm), and Alba - Nigra = 30 km (540 hm, incl. Costalunga).
Round trip Alba - Passo di Pellegrino - Alleghe - Caprile - Passo di Fedáia - Alba = approx. 100 km (2200 hm).
Round trip Alba - Passo Costalunga - Passo Nigra - Fiè al Sciliar - Castelrotto - Passo di Pinei - Ortisei - Passo di Sella - Alba = approx. 110 km (2500 hm).


Below: map and gradient profile of the routes to Gardeccia and Ciampie.

Gardecia and Ciampie map

Gardecia and Ciampie gradient

gradient coding

Tracks, distances, profiles and gradients are based on Garmin Edge 705 data


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