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Cycling Tour 2010 :  Passo di Fedáia
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Lago di Fedaia
Passo di Fedáia. Left: view towards the approach from Canazei (far right: part of the Lake Fedáia dam). Right: Lago di Fedáia, with main road at left (partly in gallery) and dam at right. A part of the Marmolada mountains can be seen at the background.
Indications of the view points of the two photos are given in the map below (see inset bottom left).


Our first climb of the Passo di Fedáia was in the afternoon of the day of arrival in Alba di Canazei (approach corresponding with km 68 to 58 in the graph below). The west slope of the Fedáia starts almost at the doorstep of Albergo Aurora. The ascent from Canazei is more easy than the east slope, as we experienced later when we rode the loop as shown at the map below. The descent to Digonera and cycling through the following valley (km 33-42) is most rewarding. Thereafter, a long climb start to the Passo di Fedáia and its lake. The first 8 km are relatively easy, but the final 6 km are pretty steep and annoyingly irregular (see graph). That part of the Fedáia is a bastard.

Halfway the Fedáia east slope, at the village of Sottoguda, there is a choice between the old road through the Sottoguda gorge and the new main road outside the gorge. First we have followed the main road. A couple of days later we done the gorge road. Details are given on the next page.


Below: map and gradient profile of the Passo Pordoi and Passo di Fedáia.

Map of Pordoi and Fedaia

Gradient of Pordoi and Fedaia

gradient coding

Tracks, distances, profiles and gradients are based on Garmin Edge 705 data.


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