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Alpine flowers  ( 1 - 2 - 3 )
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Photos of alpine flowers have been taken during a hike through the Val de Contrin (south of Alba di Canazei, Dolomites, Italy), late June 2010. Plants were growing on a meadow, locally known as Pré de Contrin (below Rifugio Passo San Nicolò), at an altitude of 2000 - 2300 meters (6500 - 8200 feet). Plant identification has been done at home, on the basis of the photos. That means that some keys could not be used, because the images do not show each of the plant characteristics. Therefore the correctness of species names cannot always be guaranteed. For each plant four names are given; respectively: scientific name, and common name in English, German and Italian*.


Crepis aurea
Gentiana clusii
Gentiana verna

Crepis aurea, Golden hawk's-beard,
Gold Pippau,  Radicchiella aranciata

Gentiana clusii, Trumpet gentian,
Kalk Glocken Enzian, Genziana di Clusius

Gentiana verna, Vernal gentian,
Frühlings Enzian, Genziana primaticcia


Geum montanum Geum montanum

Pulsatilla apiifolia, Alpine pasqueflower, Gelbe Alpen-Kuhschelle, Pulsatilla alpina


Photos are taken by Oof Oud. Reproduction is allowed if the source:  is clearly indicated.