Pla d'Adet


General characteristics (click for gradient profile or photo).

St Lary-Soulan [800m] - 11 km uphill - Pla d'Adet [1680m], also known as Saint Lary 1700.

Take in St Lary-Soulan the road to Vignec. The climb starts in this village, approximately 1 km from the center of St Lary.

The climb to Pla d'Adet is graded 'Hors Categorie' in the Tour de France ranking system, which makes sense. A difference in altitude of 850 meters between Vignec and the ski resort has to be conquered in hardly more than 10 kilometers. The day before Ward has climbed the bastard the Red Bull Road Rage downhill cycling event was organized. Frédéric Moncassin, the winner, and other daredevils cycled 4.3 km of Pla d'Adet with speeds up to 95 km/h.

At roughly two-third of the climb, shortly after passing Espiaube, there is a possibility to turn right for the Col de Portet (2215 m). The name 'col' is somewhat misleading. The road finishes at a car park surrounded by ski lifts and related buildings. You have to descend along same road as used uphill. There seems to be no facilities in summer. See CyclingCols for a gradient profile.




Saint Lary, Vignec and the road (arrows) to Pla d'Adet.
Original photo has been taken by David Barrié.