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Why I have chosen for an idworx Easy Rohler trekking bike.

The Bodensee - Königssee - Bodensee tour was my first long distance tour. For this and certainly many forthcoming trips I have chosen for a high quality "no nonsense" bike that asks for a minimum of maintenance but offers maximum reliability and is appropriate for climbing - with luggage - steep gradients and alpine passes. When comparing various types of trekking bikes it was evident that there is probably no better choice than an idworx trekking bike. It is purely designed for just one purpose: trekking. Only the best available components and techniques are used. No frills and useless gadgets. The reliability of the Easy Rohler seems unparalleled, while the need for maintenance is reduced to a minimum.


It's main characteristics are:

  • Strong aluminium frame (fig. 1). Bike plus carrier, mud guards, lock etc. weights only 15.2 kg. An additional chain guard offers full protection to chain, chain ring and sprocket. For more details and other idworx models, go to
  • Rohloff 14 gear speed hub (fig. 2) instead of a 27-speed derailleur gear system (see below for details, or go to the Rohloff website).
  • Magura hydraulic braking system (integrated HS 33 FIRM tech model; fig.3). See Magura website for details.
  • SON hub dynamo (fig. 4); low drag, high output and extremely reliable. See SON website for details.
  • Tubus Logo rear carrier (fig. 5); top of the range, light weight and heavy duty. See Tubus website for details.
  • Schwalbe Marathon Supreme balloon-type tires [50-622 / 28x2.00] (fig. 6); air-suspention without the need of a fork with one or another, often vulnerable, type of shock absorber system. See Schwalbe website for details.

As expected, the Rohloff speed hub proved to be an easy to handle and very reliable gearing system. In contrast to derailleur systems there is no overlap between gears and the 14 ratios are evenly spaced. Internal gear ratios range from 0.279 to 1.467. With a 42 tooth chain ring, 16 tooth sprocket and 50-622 balloon tires, this corresponds to a distance travelled per crank revolution of 164 to 862 cm (526% difference !). Changing gear is possible under all conditions, including without pedalling and driving steep uphill. This proved to be a very convenient feature.

Is there anything that can be improved? Well, hardly, but a point of concern could be the shifter of the Rohloff speed hub. To change gear you have to rotate the twist grip clockwise or anti-clockwise. That's fine, but what is missing is a clear click that marks the next position. This may result in a jump over two positions, instead of one, which happens most frequently when shifting from position 8 to 7. You may end up in the 6th gear. The reason why the step from 8 to 7 is the most critical is obvious, since for positions 7-1 an additional set of reduction gears has to be activated, which asks for a bit more force. However, it is important to note that a jump from 8 to 6 only has to do with the shifter. The internal gears of the speed hub never jump or slip. To those who are interested in a critical technical report of the Rohloff 14 speed hub I recommend reading the web page "Living with the Rohloff Speedhub".

Also the other components worked flawless; Magura FIRM tech hydraulic brakes (subtle handling, but brute force when needed), SON hub dynamo (you do not feel the difference between lights off or on), Tubus carrier (extremely stable) and Schwalbe balloon tires (safe and comfortable regardless road conditions) are top of the range. The geometry of the frame is perfect and allows under all circumstances a very comfortable and safe ride. Equally important is the superb stiffness of the aluminium frame. Although I am not a daredevil, downhill speeds of well over 60 km/hour, with lugguage, are no problem. You still have the reassuring feeling of full control (supported by the Magura brakes). The only part that I have replaced is the saddle. The standard Selle Royale Vitesse saddle is not bad, but to my opinion a bit too soft (I am used to a racing bike saddle). For me a Brooks Flyer saddle is a better choice.

The Bodensee - Königssee - Bodensee tour has convincingly proved that an idworx Easy Rohler is a superb trekking bike. The name "it works" is an understatement.

Oof Oud, July 2007


Note added in 2009:
because of my somewhat  deformed shoulder, due to a racing bike accident, I have replaced the quite straight handlebars by idworx Comfort type bars.


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