Cycling Tour 2005: Finally ...


The seventh day.


All together we have cycled in six days 630 km and covered a total difference in height of 16,000 meters. Once more we have broken our record (2004: 580 km and 14,800 meters in 7 days).

For those who are capable of even longer and more challenging tours we like to suggest:
a. Hospental - Sustenpass - Grimselpass - Nufenenpass - Gotthardpass (160 km / 4950 m uphill), or
Hospental - Furkapass - Nufenenpass - Lukmanierpass - Oberalppass (210 km / 4575 m uphill), or
Hospental - Sustenpass - Grimselpass - Nufenenpass - Lukmanierpass - Oberalppass (270 km / 6500 m uphill).

See map below for relative position of the passes.

Gradent profiles: Furka (E) | Gotthard (S) | Grimselpass (N) | Nufenenpass (W) | Sustenpass (E).
See for gradient profiles of the Lukmanierpass and east slope of the Oberalppass.

For us the seventh day was "Heute Ruhetag" (day off).
It was up to my Volvo V50 to complete the trip. It is a wonderful car and I can't think of a more appropriate maiden trip. Driving can be a real pleasure, also between four wheels !

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Relative position of the main Alp passes in Central Switzerland.
The indication of uphill and downhill refers to the tour suggestions
a. b. and c. described above.