Cycling Tour 2004



For the sixth year in a row Ward (left) and Oof (right) have exchanged the low and flat Netherlands for much more exciting and challenging cycling in high mountain regions.

One of the long term goals of our cycle tours is to climb all passes which height exceeds 2500 meters. In France there are four 2500+ passes that are suitable for racing bikes: Col de la Bonnette (2803 m), Col de l'Iseran (2770 m), Col Agnel (2744 m) and Col du Galibier (2642 m). We have climbed all four during our 2001-2003 tours.

Another three 2500+ passes can be found close to each other in the border region of Lombardia (Italy) and Graubünden (Switzerland). The Passo dello Stelvio (2758 m), Passo di Gavia (2621 m) and the Pass Umbrail (2503 m) formed the prime objective for 2004.
During the preparation of the tour our attention was drawn to a very special pass close by the three giants: the Passo del Mortirolo, among professional cyclists known as one as the toughest climbs (in Europe?). We soon agreed that the Mortirolo had to be number four on our list. Finally we added a few other climbs for practicing (Passo di Foscagno for example) and relaxation (Albula Pass).

The map below shows the location of the passes that we have climbed between July 30 and August 6, 2004. Brief descriptions, height profiles and a few photos of the passes that we have done in six day trips are given on separate pages.

Oof Oud

Click the name of a pass in the list or map below for the details.

Day 1: Schluderns - Passo dello Stelvio (uphill) - Pass Umbrail (downhill) - Santa Maria in Val Müster - Schluderns.
Day 2: Same route, but now counter clockwise; thus Pass Umbrail uphill and Passo dello Stelvio downhill.
Day 3: Isolaccia Valdidentro - Bormio - Santa Catarina Valfura - Passo di Gavia - Bormio - Isolaccia.
Day 4: Isolaccia - Passo di Foscagno - Passo d'Eira - Forcola di Livigno - Tirano - Bormio - Isolaccia.
Day 5: Mazzo di Valtellina - Passo del Mortirolo - Mazzo di Valtellina.
Day 6: Surava - Albula Pass - Samedan. In addition, there is a special page devoted to the Albula Bahn.


Click at either 1.Schluderns, 2.Isolaccia Valdidrento, or 3.Surava for images of the hotels where we stayed during our 2004 cycling tour.