Cycling Tour 2004: Albula Bahn


Sketch of the Albula Bahn between Bergün (Bravuogn in Rhaeto Roman language) and Preda. Here, trains have to climb 400 meters over a relative short distance (Bergün - Preda along the road is 6 km). Directly after Bergün the railway gains height with two hairpin-like bends. After that an impressive series of viaducts and loop tunnels has been constructed (around 1900 !).


Photo 1 (left): Entrance of the Toua loop tunnel (length 677 m) and Albula viaduct no. 3. The viewpoint is indicated on the map above.
Photo 2 (right): relevant part of the network of the Rhätische Bahn (RhB) as displayed on window tables in RhB carriages.


Photos 3 & 4: most of the Albula Bahn is a single track line, only at stations as Preda (left) and Bergün (right) trains can pass each other.


Photo 5: our train at the station of Tiefencastel. Engine 642 (type Ge 4/4) commemorates 100 years Albula and Ruinaulta Bahn (1903-2003).
The "graffiti" on the engine shows the characteristic loops of the Albula bahn (compare with map above).
Photo 6: carriage for transport of bikes and parcels. 

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More photos of the Albula Bahn and the Rhätische Bahn can be found on:, and (website Rhatische Bahn)