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Bayonet lampholder with 5A 2pin outlets Bayonet adapter with swich BC lighting plug Bayonet Cap plug

BC plug, exploded view

1 B22d-2* bayonet lamp holder with two BS 372 Part I outlets.
* B = Bayonet; 22d = diameter in mm; 2 = double contacts. This type is also known as BC = Bayonet Cap.
Brand name: Anchor, a large Indian plug, socket and switch manufacturing company. Bayonet light bulb mounts are the standard fitting in - among others - India and Bhutan. India uses plugs according to IS 1293, which is derived from BS 546.
2 Two-way BC adapter with switch (red).
3 BC lighting socket plug in accordance with the BS 52 standard. The plug fits in a B22 bayonet lamp holder (see nos. 1 and 2).
The donor of this plug - see Acknowledgments - has added the following comment:
BC plugs were very commonly used in this country [UK], particularly with electric irons connected up to a horrific looking adaptor placed in the ceiling rose. Sometimes the adaptors had pull switches and were needed so that the room light could continue to be used. Bearing in mind that they had no earth connection, they were potentially lethal!
4, 5 BC bayonet plug that is composed of two parts: an outlet that fits in a B22d-2 lamp holder (bottom right) and a standard 2-pin 5A BS 372 Part I plug (bottom left). Instead of this plug each other 2-pin 5A, or shaver plug can be used. Image no.5 shows and exploded view of this ingenious device. Also this bayonet plug has been donated to the museum, see Acknowledgments.


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